Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Art Container Project

The project started in 2008 for its first stage.

"...combines the creativity of top local artists, professionals in the container and logistics industries, as well as experts from the business sector. They join their hands to discover an extraordinary journey of art..."

Project of mia(mere independent artists)

Mentoring Program

This program was launched in 2005 summer for people who were interested in taking a residency in the Kwun Tong 1126 studio.

The participants were free to use the studio for the purpose of creating art. The artist and the participant spent time together to share experience in art making. Other activities were also include presentations, discussions, visits to other galleries, etc. A final exhibition was held in the studio to show the process and the work from the mentoring program.

The aim of the program was to provide opportunities for young people who were interested in Art to share experience with the artists and taking a residency in the “Kwun Tong 1126 Studio”; hoping the two-ways communication will enrich creativity on both sides.

Project of mia(mere independent artists)

Thursday, 4 June 2009


an artist product project

a project started in december 2006, artiple hopes to bring artists' creative ideas closer to the community.

participating artists apply their creativity to realize ideas in art products which can both be appreciated and used by the general public.

the project poses no restriction to the making of art products but encourages multiple works in either functional or non-functional concept.

each piece of artiple product is original and unique from the hands of the artists themselves.

my artiple products

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